• Venue Sourcing
  • Artist/Venue Liaison
  • Ticket Sale Surveys
  • Event & Material Promotion
  • Radio Airplay Plugging
  • Media Exposure
  • Website & Graphics design
  • Video & Photographic work
  • Physical & Virtual Music Distribution

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Venue Sourcing, Artist/Venue Liaison & Ticket Sale Surveys

We are able through our contacts to ensure that a venue you book is right for you. A venues facilities and size is a very important factor in any live event. Make the venue too small and your audience suffer, but make it too large and the impact of the performer can get lost. Our experience in venue selection can help you make an informed choice.  We can help you understand your audience, where the hotspots of your fanbase are and therefore how to judge venue size.

We can also provide booking facilities for a venue if required

Event & Material Promotion

So you have decided to do a tour or release your new album but how do you get the message out there to the fans? We can help develop a promotional plan with you aimed at giving maximum exposure at the right time to coincide with your event. This would be tailored to your needs but could include amongst others -  Radio & press coverage, Social media updates etc

Radio Airplay & Media Exposure

We can ensure that as part of your promotion package, as many Radio stations (Normal & internet based) get the opportunity to play your new material as possible and potentially also interview you about the new release etc.

We can also get you coverage in both national/regional newspapers and any publications which focus of your area of the business.

Website & Graphic Design

I order to market & promote your act its essential to have an internet presence be it just a website or also social media links. We can help in both these areas by creating you a cool website which links you straight to your fans and can advise on setting up social media profiles to ensure youre at the forefront of current events.

We are also able to provide graphic design services should you need for instance an album cover design or maybe a new logo for your latest show.

Video & Photographic Work

We can provide Photo & Video editing of any existing work to ensure you are captured at your best as well as offering Video creation and Photoshoot opportunities.

We use the latest Adobe Software to get the best possible results easily & efficiently.

Physical & Virtual Music Distribution

We can offer full distribution services for your new release including as mentioned above Album artwork creation. We can act as your record label to get your CD released, all you need to do is provide suitable quality audio masters and track data and we can do the rest - bulk duplication, Artwork printing, Barcode allocation etc. We can also arrange for your item to be listed on Amazon.

We are also able to offer submission of your music to iTunes, Googleplay, Amazon MP3, Spotify etc.