PHSENTERTAINMENT will entertain you!


Thanks for coming by – we aim to provide all the services a working professional in the entertainment business needs.

From a website design to promotion & distribution of your latest release, we can help you!

We can assist in getting you Radio play and other media coverage.

In addition we are able to provide Video & Photographic facilities to show you at your best!

See our Services page for a more in depth breakdown.


We love to see our artists doing what they do best - Performing! So we also offer Artist/Venue liaison with a particular focus on the Southwest of England although we do operate nationwide to ensure there is a venue that meets both your needs and that of your audience.

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Our goal and our passion has been to work hard, bring great entertainment to the fans, and get the artists the coverage they deserve. We are excited to be constantly looking for more artists and venues to bring some amazing performances to the UK.

We pride ourselves on providing a custom service tailored to the changing needs of the artist.

Contact in person, by phone or Email is always available.


"A creative company able to understand quickly and accurately what is required

in the constantly changing world of PR. Creating iconic images and advising on branding, has

been a bonus to the visually stunning video clips, which our social media campaign has

successfully benefitted from." - S. Finnigan, Music & Media Concepts Ltd

"Extra special appreciation to PHSEntertainment who got everything over the final hurdle after I was given the run around by some American record companies!" Michael Casswell, Guitarist